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Rapid Response Team Activated to Assist Garment Company Employees

The state has activated its Rapid Response Team to help employees who will be laid off when Tinnin Garment Company closes its facility in Fredericktown.

The Rapid Response team, composed of representatives from the Department of Economic Development’s Division of Workforce Development of Employment Security and the Workforce Investment Board of Southeast Missouri, responds to the needs of dislocated workers by providing free training and re-employment services.

Kelvin Simmons, director of the Department of Economic Development, has directed DWD to assist Tinnin Garment employees by offering Missouri Career Center services.

“Apparel manufacturers in particular continue to be negatively effected by the sluggish economy and increased foreign competition,” Simmons said. “The Rapid Response Team will help these individuals become re-employed as quickly as possible or to seek options for retraining in another career.”

The Rapid Response Team and the Workforce Investment Board of Southeast Missouri will provide immediate services to workers needing assistance in the areas of assessment and testing, career counseling, resume writing, interviewing skills, job search methods, on-the-job training and tuition assistance for vocational training or education. These services are free of charge.

Representatives from DWD are working with the company to ensure that workers who will be displaced have access to Career Center services. Meetings will be held at 1 and 2 p.m. Wednesday, December 8, at the company’s facility to inform employees about state services available to help them find a new job.

Tinnin Garment Company produces women’s sleepwear, shirts, and uniforms. The company sited that imports have caused it to no longer be economically viable. As a result, it will close its Fredericktown facility, laying off approximately 56 employees on December 10. Occupations affected included sewing machine operators and cloth cutters and spreaders.

Employers interested in hiring Tinnin Garment workers can call 1-800-877-8689.

Since 1983 — when Missouri’s dislocated worker program was established — more than 100,000 dislocated workers have participated in this program. Approximately 80 percent of the people assisted by the program find new employment.

Workers facing layoffs, who are interested in the training or re-employment services offered through the Rapid Response team, can call DWD at 1-800-877-8689.

Editor’s Note: Rapid Response meetings are not open to the public/media. If you have questions, please contact Jim Grebing at 573-751-9065.

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