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Farmington, North County students begin new tradition

A small group of Farmington and North County high school students got together over lunch Thursday to try to turn their rivalry into something more positive.

Six North County High School students and seven Farmington High School students, their principals and athletic directors, and a teacher met Tuesday afternoon for lunch at Pasta House.

All but one are members of the student council. Most are seniors and athletes.

Kyle Lotz, president of the North County student council, suggested the schools raise money for a charity and make it a friendly competition.

He suggested that the winning school could receive a traveling trophy or plaque and the losing school would have to display the winning school’s banner or flag for a week.

Lotz suggested that the community businesses could also get involved in the competition.

After some discussion about having a service project each season, Farmington High School Principal Dr. David Waters, suggested their first project be for the tsunami victims.

The competition will begin Monday. The schools will update the students on how well they are doing during the Farmington/North County girls’ basketball game Jan. 20. The final day for the fund-raiser will be on the day of the boys’ game Feb. 1.

Heather Probst, president of the Farmington student council, suggested keeping track of the students’ money and the community’s money separately.

The students spent quite a bit of time joking back and forth about what to call the competition, which will be held between the two schools three times a year.

One student suggested “Bragging Rights.” Someone else came up with the “Farmington North County Seasonal Service Challenge.”

“That doesn’t sound good,” one student said.

Macy Williams, a Farmington junior, was quick to point out Farmington should come first because alphabetically it comes first. North County students didn’t seem to mind.

Probst wanted to insert the word, “tradition,” in the name but finally gave up on that.

The students agreed it would be called the “Farmington North County Service Challenge.”

Most of the students already knew each other from playing sports. But the students liked the idea of getting together.

“It was fun,” Probst said. “I think we solved the problem. I think starting a new tradition is good.”

Probst said it will be good for future high school students.

After the informal meeting, the students talked about getting together another time for an activity.

“I think the first meeting went well,” said North County High School Principal Ron McCutchen. “They really had some good ideas. I think it was a really excellent start.”

McCutchen had met with other administrators and students to figure out a way to make the rivalry more positive.

“I thought the best solution ultimately would come from the students,” he said.

Dr. Waters also thought the meeting went well.

“Anytime you put kids together (to solve a problem), it’s going to go well,” he said.

He added the students decided to do something that will be positive and also support the community.

Dr. Waters said they would use some of the money North County students paid in restitution to purchase the plaque.

Seven North County High School students got in trouble in November after vandalizing the Farmington High School football field and the surrounding rubberized track.

The students reportedly spray painted the center of the football field, the football goal posts, a trash can, light pole, the bleachers and part of the track.

They could have faced jail time but instead the students were punished by the school district and will pay restitution to Farmington High School.

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