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Tilley, Robinson pledge to work together

JEFFERSON CITY — While Republican Rep. Dr. Steven Tilley and Democratic Rep. Brad Robinson may be from different political parties, they understand that their districts share a community. Tilley’s 106th House District and Robinson’s 107th House District are in St. Francois County and both have said they intend to do what is best for not only their districts, but for the community.

“Brad and I have talked,” said Tilley. “I like Brad. We obviously are from different political parties, but we have a lot of the same goals. We are going to work together where we can for the good of the community and our districts.”

“I campaigned on issues which I feel will make Missouri a better state,” Robinson said. “Most of

these issues are bipartisan. My interests lie with this community and my district.”

Tilley and Robinson each spent two and a half weeks together recently as part of a Missouri House of Representatives freshmen tour.

“The tour started the last week of November in Jefferson City,” Tilley said. “There were 36 freshman representatives on the tour. We spent the first week and a half learning about parliamentary procedure and how our government works.”

“I can describe the tour in one sentence, 2,267 miles, 57 stops and 45 power point presentations,” Robinson said. “It was a good experience because all of the new representatives were together. We were able to form relationships which will help us later on. In addition to spending time in Jefferson City, we went to several universities and different state correctional facilities.”

“I think the most important part of the tour was meeting and learning about your fellow legislators,” said Tilley. “We are going to need good relations with each other to get things done.”

The tour wrapped up Dec. 15 at Southeast Missouri State University in Cape Girardeau.

The Republican Party is in control of both legislative chambers and the governor’s office for the first time in more than 80 years. Newly elected House Speaker Rod Jetton proposed during a speech given on Jan. 5 what he described as “the most bipartisan rules ever adopted by the Missouri House.”

Jetton proposed limits on floor debate that would equally divide time between the majority and the minority. Jetton also proposed that most bill crafting would occur in committee rather than on the House floor.

Tilley said one strength that Robinson has is that he knows he is part of the minority and that he knows he is going to have to work with Republicans to get things done.

“It would be very difficult to get things done by myself,” Robinson said. “The issues I campaigned on are bipartisan issues which I feel will make Missouri a better state.”

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