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Auditors give Bismarck a clean report

BISMARCK — The accounting firm of Crouch, Farley and Heuring gave the city a clean audit report for the fiscal year 2004 during Thursday’s monthly Board of Aldermen meeting.

“They went over each of the utilities that we offer and let us know where we stood with each,” said Bismarck Mayor Bill Petrie. “We are doing fine with them. The rehabilitation of the water tower was included in the audit which cost $180,000.”

Petrie said the city came out just about even when it came to revenue versus expenditures.

The board also discussed street paving for the upcoming year. The board plans to decide on the streets it is going to do during an upcoming worksession.

The board reviewed a bid for a new roof for the Sundale pavilion. The bid was for $1,100. The board elected to make a decision in an upcoming worksession.

The board decided it is going to seek bids for computer equipment for billing purposes and also the software that generates the automated billing.

The board approved a business license for Carla Roberts for an insulation business.

In other matters, the board received the city’s plant inspection report of the waste water treatment facility from the Department of Natural Resources.

“The report came back very favorable,” Petrie said. “Everything was satisfactory other than some infiltration problems that were detected. We currently have an engineer from Taylor Engineering looking at the problem so we can get it corrected.”

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