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Bacon hopes to make it big in Nashville

A man with local ties hopes to make it big in Nashville.

Robert Bacon, who recently moved to Bonne Terre, released his first CD, “Seeing Someone New” last fall.

“I hope to be a successful recording artist, putting out good music without a big ego,” said Bacon, who is 33. “I hope to tour throughout my life, with my “aces” by my side and inspire others to make their dreams come true as my dream continues to become a reality.”

For him it was simple.

One day he was moving from his hometown of Butler, Mo., to Illinois and found an Alan Jackson cassette in the car he had purchased just before the move and that was all it took.

In that moment, Bacon decided he wanted to be a country music legend.

After that drive from Missouri to Illinois in 1993, Bacon took up the acoustic guitar and began to write his own country music songs. He began to perform at a variety of open-mic nights, which helped him become popular in the St. Louis area. He also did some modeling for Sears and JCPenney, and appeared in a few television commercials and music videos.

He has spent the last 18 years in the Sonic Drive-In business, building what is now the Bacon Odell Franchise Group.

His CD was released on B&O Records, which was formed by Bacon and Jim Odell. The songs are produced by Charlie Brown, who co-wrote all of the songs. He signed with PLA Media/Northrup Entertainment in the fall.

Bacon said owning and running two corporations and trying to be an artist is tough but having the support from the corporate offices on down helps him cope with the day-to-day challenges.

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Bacon describes his style as sounding like Rhett Akins, one of his idols. Songs on the CD include Waiting on Tables, Beers Ago, Seeing Someone New, Keep Dreamin’, and Still Thinking About It.

Bacon performed at the DugOut in Farmington in October.

He hopes to release a second album this year.

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