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Barbers making some historic moves

The second week in March will bring about a new chapter in the history of Farmington barber shops. That week the Farmington Barber Shop, which has been in business at its location on Liberty Street near the courthouse square for more than 100 years, will merge with Bob Bone’s Head Quarters at 105 E. Columbia.

Linda Chipman, owner of Farmington Barber Shop, said that the name will change to Farmington Barber Shop, keeping a name that has been in Farmington for many years. Chipman and Wayne Province will join together with Bob Bone, Russell Jones, Pam Winder, and Jamie Hodge, offering a full-service barber shop many in the area have grown accustomed to at both long-time businesses.

Chipman is purchasing the shop from Bone, who first approached her with the idea.

“They are tearing down our present building (for construction of the courthouse annex) and I had looked at 22 places for the shop to move. Bob recently contacted me, asking if I would be interested in buying his shop,” Chipman said.

The merge brings together two long-time Farmington barbers. Bone has been a barber for 44 years, and Province for 36 years.

“This will be the first time the two have worked together,” shared Chipman.

Bone said the news of the sale has had some people asking if he is planning on retiring once the change is made. But those are just rumors, he assured.

“I will still be working four days a week, by appointment only,” he said.

Bone expresses his thanks “to all the loyal customers for being behind me and supporting me through the years.”

For Chipman, it was important to carry on a tradition that many of her customers have grown to expect. Recent conversations with two customers revealed that the two had been visiting Farmington Barber Shop for more than 60 years.

“We have a lot of customers who have never been anywhere else,” she said.

Watch for a in-depth, full-length feature story on the history of both barber shops in next week’s Farmington Press.

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