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Grimes returns with unit from Columbia

Not every member of the 1140th rode home to Farmington this morning.

Shawn Grimes met his wife Cherilyn Monday in Columbia. Cherilyn said while other members of the unit were signing up for the bus to Farmington, her husband saw how the Columbia unit was returning a day earlier and arranged to ride with them.

Now that Shawn is home, his wife says his first order of business may well be to start looking for a job. Grimes was a full-time student with a job as a teller at First State Bank when he left. Cherilyn said he doesn’t expect to return to that job, but he will enroll at Mineral Area College to finish the two classes he needs for a degree in business administration.

“We were married on Jan. 2, just three days before he left,” Cherilyn said. “With his leave and all, I’ve just seen him for 18 days since we were married.”

She said her husband joined the guard when he was in high school so that he could get his college education under the G.I. bill. Ironically, his enlistment would have been up on Jan. 29, but since he was deployed, he had to re-enlist for two years.

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