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Radford gets four years for throwing bombs in house

FARMINGTON — A Farmington man has pleaded guilty to a felony charge of knowingly burning.

Stephen Radford, 20, had originally been charged with first-degree arson but a plea agreement reduced the charge to knowingly burning. He could be sentenced for up to four years in prison on May 6.

According to court records, Farmington firefighters and police officers were called to a fire on McCormick Street that was the result of two bombs being thrown into the residence.

A man inside the house told police that the bombs caught a television and a mattress on fire. He extinguished most of the fire.

While police and firefighters were still at the scene, Radford showed up and acted suspicious. He was taken to the police department for questioning about the fire.

Radford initially denied any involvement but then confessed to throwing one of the two bombs. He said he believed at least one person was in the residence when he did this.

He said the man who threw the other bomb made the bombs. He said a third person had offered to pay the two men in cash or crack cocaine to throw bombs at the house. He said the motive was drug-related.

He said he went back to the residence because he wanted to make sure no one was hurt. He said the intent was just to scare the occupants.

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