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In my last article, I was in reference to the late Bertha Jane CLUBB. Recently I also received a message from Dale STROUP. Well, Dale, I was going to chat about the pedigree of Bertha’s grandfather and I just didn’t get around to it. That fellow also happens to be your paternal twice great grandfather, so this article might be of some interest to you!

James Monroe CLUBB, a son of Daniel Clubb, Sr. and wife Sally, was born on 13 Apr., 1821, in NC. He was one of eight siblings. As things go, life moves on, and somewhere along the line, James ends up in Wayne County. His wife was Isabella (Izabel), nee HOVIS (2nd cousin 4 times removed to me), but Dale, she was your 2nd great-grandmother, of course. I don’t have a handle on their marriage date and place, so we’ll have to forego on that. They did, however, settle down and had a quite large family of thirteen children, to wit: 1) Fannie Catherine; 2) Moses M.; 3) Jacob Irenaeus; 4) Elizabeth Caroline; 5) Martin Luther; 6) George Washington; 7) Nancy Susan; 8) Melvina E.; 9) Melvin Isabel (“Belle”); 10) James S.; 11) Hy Sherman; 12) David Hinkel; 13) Grant William (“G.W.”).

Child no. 3, Jacob Irenaeus Clubb, born on 10 Dec., 1853, in Madison Co., MO was Bertha Jane Clubb’s father. He married Mary Ann Caroline, nee HUFFMAN, on 22 Dec., 1876. This couple lived for a while on the farm now owned by Roscoe MYERS. Back then, they had leased it from J.W. McKelvey. Later, Jacob bought the farm formerly owned by his father-in-law, Martin Huffman. Anyway, the couple eventually had ten children, namely; 1) Lillie Belle; 2) Frances Elizabeth; 3) James Nelson; 4) Osman Cyprian; 5) Charles Napoleon; 6) Henry Miles; 7) Bertha Jane (our lady in mention of these two articles); 8) Lucy Victoria; & two infant mortalities (9 & 10).

Dale, child no. 5, Martin Luther CLUBB in the second paragraph was of course, your great-grandfather. He was born on 1 Sept., 1858 in Madison County. He married Minora “Jane”, nee CLONINGER, and they had eight children, including your grandmother. This is where we’ll cut it off, as you indicated you had been researching your own group in detail, and besides that, we should steer clear of details closing in on today’s survivors, for privacy reasons.

Bertha Jane Clubb passed away in her 90th year, on 25 Dec., 1982, one month into her 90th year. She was interred in Zion Evangelical Lutheran Cemetery near Gravelton, Wayne Co., MO. I know this isn’t much, but I felt a need to give her some recognition for her past services to community endeavors. Her hiking trail has led her to a far better life, where there is no more hurt or pain. While here on this earth, she went beyond call to provide a storehouse of beneficial knowledge. In memory, I salute her!

“Winter’s breath is upon us, so this ole’ ranger Zeke wishes y’all good health thru’out these hyre winter months. Stay out o’ th’ cold as much as possible, an’ drink yoreself a cup o’ hot mint tea!”

Bob Hovis, signing off at the indoor fireside chat, out on the western slope!

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