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Park Hills invites Leadington to merge chambers

The Park Hills Chamber of Commerce invited the Leadington Chamber of Commerce to join them.

A proposal to merge the two organizations has given hope to Leadington members who feared their Chamber was defunct. Earlier this year, they decided to let the organization become inactive because of a lack of interest and participation.

Park Hills Chamber members suggested that it makes sense for the business owners in the two cities to join forces, especially since several people already belong to both groups. Members of the two organizations will meet at 5 p.m. Monday in Elizabeth Hall in Leadington to discuss the proposal.

“We’re so close to each other as neighbors,” said Glenda Straughn, vice president of the Park Hills Chamber and board member for the Leadington group. “It is time to work together and help our area grow.”

Leadington members will vote on the proposal during the meeting. If they agree to merge, Park Hills will hold a general membership meeting for its own official vote, Straughn said.

The new group would carry the name Park Hills Leadington Chamber of Commerce and would have its own bylaws. The current Park Hills Chamber leaders would retain their positions until next January, when current terms end.

Straughn believes a merger would rejuvenate Leadington business owners.

“We hated to see (the Chamber) go by the wayside,” she said. “Too much work has gone into it.”

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