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School holds town hall meeting

North County School administrators will host a town hall meeting to discuss the upcoming KIDS 2005 bond issue.

The $2.8 million no-tax increase bond issue will appear on the April 5 ballot. The issue needs 57 percent of the vote to pass.

The meeting will be held at 7 p.m. Monday at the Desloge Middle School Auditorium.

There was some confusion about what time the first town hall meeting was to be held last week in Bonne Terre. Anyone who was unable to attend the meeting in Bonne Terre is encouraged to attend the meeting in Desloge.

According to school officials, the bond issue is a proposal to improve district finances and shift the burden of debt from local sources to state sources.

The district will use $2.3 million of the money generated from the bond issue to pay off the lease financing on the North County High School.

The remaining $500,000 will be used for future capital improvement needs to meet safety requirements and also for remodeling and repair of existing facilities in the district. The primary focus will be the middle school.

By paying off the lease purchase, the district will be able to qualify for additional state money through a designated levy, beginning in 2006-2007. The district anticipates if they are able to maintain the levy for four years, the entire $2.8 million will be paid by the state.

In addition, the district will be able to free up $630,000 per year of operating funds that are currently being used to pay off the high school.

West County and Central schools passed similar bond issues last year.

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