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Aldermen pass adult entertainment ordinance at Full Council meeting

Aldermen Teresa Clark, Rick Polete and Wanda Priest were sworn in for their next two year term of office. City Clerk Barbara Stevens was also reappointed by the Council.

The aldermen unanimously agreed to Barry Hampton for Board President. The previous president was Aldermen Wanda Priest. As Board President, Hampton will take over meetings in the absence of Mayor Danny Kemp.

The Board of Aldermen passed the adult entertainment ordinance they discussed at Thursday’s work session. The ordinance is comprehensive and addresses many areas including (but not limited to): not establishing an adult entertainment business within 1200 feet of any school, religious institution, residentially zoned property or public park with city limits; oor within 1000 feet of any other adult entertainment business or business licensed to sell or serve alcoholic beverages. License and permit fees will be required and every applicant shall file with the city clerk and pay an annual fee to the city clerk of $1,000. which shall not be refundable or prorated and which shall be in addition to any other applicable tax, license or fee. An annual fee of $500 will be required for any operator as well. This is just a small section of the ordinance, not the full text. Several other requirements must be met according to the ordinance. All Aldermen agreed to the passage of the ordinance except Alderman Ernie Terry. Terry said he was against any ordinance that may be perceived as an invitation to adult entertainment businesses in small town America. He said, “I just don’t feel it’s (adult businesses) right for a small town.” City Administrator Tim Morgan said at the work session last Thursday; he had, “Fielded two phone calls,” regarding adult entertainment ordinances in Fredericktown. The City can not Constitutionally stop the businesses from coming in, but they can regulate them City Attorney Kim Moore said at the last work session. City Clerk Barbara Stevens said the City wanted to have an ordinance in place in case some adult businesses try to come in. No one has applied for or purchased any property for an adult business as of Tuesday morning according to City Hall.

In other business:

Council passed a resolution verifying the elections on April 5, 2005.

Mayor Danny Kemp said he did some cleanup in town last Saturday. Alderman Wanda Priest said she did some work too. Kemp noted the help from Kenny McDowell, providing the dump truck. Kemp said the truck was nearly full. Kemp also noted a compliment was received for the Fredericktown Electric Department from a resident who said the workers were, “very helpful while installing electric service.” Kemp noted the Extension Office ribbon cutting planned for April 15 at 1:30 p.m..

Reports from departments and committees were provided in written form. Animal Control had 12 dogs and 10 cats during the month of March. Monthly Collector’s report showed a total of 14,336.02. The April 2005 projected revenue and expense report was included. Recycling was reported to be 123.54 tons with payment amount of $5184.20. Wastewater Department Manager, Vince Grieshaber reported the facility processed was 17.9 million gallons with 123,000 gallons of sludge to fields.

Safety Director George Hawn came before the Council to report CPR training for employees was being done at Teen Town Tuesday (April 11) and Wednesday. He also said Haz-Mat (hazardous materials) training was being arranged for handling Chlorine. He hopes to get the training certified through DNR so employees can get credit for the classes.

Water Department Manager Tim Allgier came before the Council to report the pump the City recently agreed to purchase would require installation by the seller-VanDeVanter Engineering in order for the one year warranty to be valid. Allgier said however, the start-up cost would be $274. less than the last estimate given to Allgier.

The City’s engineer reported the Super Wal-Mart site would need a 2 inch water line to their garden department. Some underground rock has been hit by construction crews, but no details about delays or additional costs were stated.

Morgan said the 2005 Assistance to Firefighters Grant has been submitted. The Grant, if approved, will go toward a pumper tender truck.

An ordinance was passed for the purchase of property from Charles and Sharon Umfleet to enhance the city park area. Price was $16,000.

A Deed of Dedication was approved by the aldermen involving Cap America.

The Council approved the ordinance relating to the legal services of Kim Moore and Tom Ludwig.

Two ordinances were motioned on and returned to a work session: The position of Assistant Chief of Police and an ordinance relating to personnel rules and regulations.

Accounts payable was agreed to.

In remarks, Alderman Ernie Terry questioned why tire repairs were not being done in town to help maintain local taxes and support for local businesses. The response was the company who had the truck tire repair could not complete the work in a timely manner, so an out of town service was used.

Alderman Rick Polete said he was “thankful for those who supported me,” in the recent election. Alderman Teresa Clark said she “appreciated everyone who came out to vote for me.” Alderman Wanda Priest also said she placed an ad in the Democrat News to say thank you to all her supporters.

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