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City creates ordinance dealing with “”Adult Oriented Entertainment.””

The Board of Aldermen were told by City Administrator Tim Morgan at Thursday’s work session that two phone calls had been received by his office in the last couple of months regarding ordinances for adult oriented businesses. City Attorney Kim Moore drew up an ordinance to address the issue. Moore said they can not Constitutionally stop the businesses from locating in Fredericktown. However, they can be regulated.

The ordinance is eight pages in length and addresses adult book stores, adult motion picture theaters, mini-motion picture theaters, establishments providing live dancers or models, or other adult related establishments. It defines terms, sets fees and limits hours of operation, and states distances for construction or occupancy of adult businesses, and provides for inspections. Management must be on-site at all time. Other restrictions are also in the ordinance. Employee permits are required and identification cards will be issued by the City Clerk according to section 225.500. Ordinance taken to Full Council.

Alderman Rick Polete said, to his knowledge as of this meeting, no adult related entertainment business has actually bought land or made known their intentions to move to the Fredericktown area.

In other discussions:

A report from Police Chief G. Keith DeSpain was delivered regarding renewal of liquor licenses. The report covered the time of April, 2004 through March , 2005. During that time there were no reported problems from Tom’s Place, Chuck’s Short Stop, Modern Day Vets, The VFW, and Mi Ma’s Diner. One report of theft of beer came from Bozlee’s (investigation made); one report of a fight from Tune’s and Tators (complaints signed); and one complaint of serving alcohol to minors at Durango’s Restaurant (Durango’s Management warned could/would be shut down if violation continued).

The aldermen also agreed to create a position of Assistant Chief of Police and waive residency requirement. Ordinance taken to Full Council.

A sign ordinance relating to off-premises outdoor commercial display signs was discussed. The ordinance was relegated to Planning and Zoning.

The Fredericktown Chamber of Commerce was given permission to place a sign at their new location, next to Rod Jetton’s office on West Main St.

Some old Parks department equipment came up for discussion. Other departments will be given a chance to see if they can use the 20 year old landscaping equipment before it is placed out of bids.

A discussion came up regarding a restroom at Memorial Park. A itemized quote came up with materials costing over $10,000. Aldermen asked Morgan to arrange a time frame for construction of the facility and to seek the help of Fredericktown employees in the building of the restroom.

A target date of May 1 has been agreed to by the Council for erecting fencing at Jaycee Park. Employees have already volunteered some of their time with this project according to the aldermen. The State of Missouri was contacted; but no fencing surplus was available. Cost came in about $4,900.

The aldermen agreed to send an Assistance to Firefighter’s Grant application in. The grant is for $300,000 with a 5% match from the City. The fire department would like to replace a 1976 pumper truck with the Grant-if approved. Approval can take several months according to Morgan.

A meeting of the Highway 67 Coalition was set for April 14, 2005 in Poplar Bluff.

Morgan also reported the two flags the City wanted to replace have been received. Rod Jetton’s office was credited with the response. One POW/MIA flag and one State of Missouri flag.

Water Department Supervisor Tim Allgier requested an electric submersible replacement pump. The new pump from VanDeVanter Engineering would cost $5,284. plus freight. The pump carries a one year warranty according to the replacement proposal. Start up service is not included in the price. Although Allgier said he believed he could get the pump in place and save the City the start-up costs ($700 or more), the City was concerned the start-up service was required in order to maintain the one year warranty. Allgier would call and ask about the start-up and warranty.

Closed Session followed.

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