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Park Board members consider overhaul of Brightwell Park

DESLOGE – The possibility of giving Brightwell Park an extreme makeover was the topic of discussion at Monday’s Desloge Park Board meeting. The City of Desloge has previously made improvements on a smaller scale each year.

“There is nothing firm on this yet, but we discussed giving Brightwell Park an overhaul all at once, as opposed to doing a little bit at a time like we have been doing,” said Desloge City Administrator Eric Wiederhold. “If we do this, it would be in the 2006 fiscal year budget.”

Wiederhold said the overhaul would include completely redoing fields one and two.

“There is actually a 6 foot grade differential from first base to third base on field one,” Wiederhold said. “The overhaul would include regrading the fields, putting in new fencing, new lights and constructing a new concession stand.”

Wiederhold said the estimated cost of the overhaul is $300,000. One challenge that Park Board members discussed is that if the overhaul were to take place, Brightwell Park would not be in operation during the summer of 2006.

“The Park Board discussed contacting the North County superintendent to see if the city would be able to utilize the field at the intermediate school,” Wiederhold said. “This way summer leagues would still be able to go on as usual. Brightwell Park would be back in operation by the summer of 2007.”

The city is wrapping up the construction of new restrooms on the upper field. The restroom unit contains facilities for males and females and also has a uni-sex facility.

The restroom facility was constructed by Fitzpatrick Industries at a cost of $36,441.

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