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Hiking the Trail

THE POGUES OF WAYNE COUNTY: Zachariah Lewis POGUE and wife, Fatima ROSS, were reported to be the parents of John Lewis Pogue, who was born abt. 1832. I am following a pedigree line here, so I will not take space to list other children of this family. John grew up and took his place in life. He married at his approx. age of twenty-seven, to Miss Jamima Delana, nee WILSON, abt. 1859, at her approx. age of seventeen. I have no record here of John having married before.

Jamima’s parents were Jacob Wilson and wife, Jamima Anne BURGESS. Perhaps if there are any Pogue or Wilson researchers out there reading this, you could fill me in a little. I’m accounting for two children of the Wilsons, but born in different places, like Wayne Co., TN and Tishomingo Co., MS. That puts a wide spread on the research, of which I have little data.

Well, John passed away at his approx. age of seventy-two, on 19 Mar., 1904, and laid to rest in Oak Grove Cem.—this is out west of Fredericktown, MO on Hwy. 72. His wife, Jamima Delana, who was born on 4 Mar., 1842, in Tishomingo Co., MS, died twenty-two years after her husband, on 13 Mar., 1926. That was just before the stock market crash which commenced the Big Depression. Jamima was laid to rest in Oak Grove also, where many of the Pogue ancestors reside in peace. Historical Madison County Society has a handle on much of this. Refer to them if clarity is needed.

I’ll give the two children I know of, regarding John and Jamima, to wit: 1) William Addison; 2) John Nelson. If there were more, I’m sadly lacking in knowledge of that.

William Addison POGUE was born on 11 Dec., 1860, and died 80 years later, on 21 Jan., 1941, right before WWII commenced, with the bombing of Pearl Harbor. Here is one of those genealogical quandries. William must have been married more than once, because his four known children (to me) commenced in 1889 in birth. Another possibility is that the Historical Society reported the marriage date wrong, i.e., “Cemeteries, Madison County, Missouri”: vol. 1, pg. 66, whereas, to quote: “Lillie Johnson mar: Wm. A. Pogue 30 Jan. 1910,” unquote. (Wm. would have been abt. fifty then, and his wife, Lillie Jane, abt. forty.) (This needs additional research in order to be corrected.) Of course, any researcher who collects data, likes to make sure it is also correct. Its no fun in being wrong, and alerted to that.

The four children were 1) Cora Lilly; 2) Edward Jacob; 3) Floyd N.; and 4) Jesse N. Hiking trails take many turns. Sometimes it is hard to read the signs. When events fade into the past, sometimes those events end up in oblivion. Sometimes the old ones try to tell the young ones in order to keep the memorable stories in eternity, but often as not, the young ones have “quick ears” and do not soak in what the oldsters are imparting, until those young ones, too, are later standing alone and then looking back at a faded past which is no longer there…

“Ole’ Ranger Zeke is a-lookin’ at th’ time clock hyre. Time is fast movin’ along. Spring’s got ta be a-hidin’ behind all th’ storm clouds which keep massin’ overhead. Hey! See a littel snow in th’ showers a-comin’ down!”

Bob Hovis, signing off at the indoors fireside chat, out on the western slope!

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