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Woman warns others of magazine scam

BONNE TERRE – When Cindy Koster of Bonne Terre went to her mailbox three weeks she noticed something that was a bit strange. Koster had received six invoices for magazine subscriptions that she hadn’t even heard of.

“I thought to myself I didn’t order these, how am I getting these,” Koster said. “I called the Missouri Attorney General’s officer to see what I could do. They said I couldn’t really do anything about because I could not prove who was ordering the subscriptions in my name.”

Koster said she contacted the postal service and found out that she wasn’t the only one that this had happened too.

“They said there were others in are area that had been receiving magazines that they didn’t order,” Koster said. “Within the past three weeks I have received approximately 40 different subscriptions and bills for magazines which I did not order. All of the companies have been very understanding about my dilemma and have canceled the subscriptions.”

Koster said in addition to the magazines she has also received a bill for a set of 100 books.

“They have also been gracious in canceling the order,” Koster said.

An official with the U.S. Postal Service said the best thing to do when a situation like this arises is contact the magazine or the company the subscription is from immediately. If a book is mailed in a box and it is opened, the recipient will have to pay postage in order to return it. The only exception is if the sender sent a return postage label.

“I just hate the thought of an older person getting in this dilemma,” Koster said. “A lot of older people will just pay a bill when they get it and not think about it. In this case if I had done that I would have paid for 40 subscriptions for magazines that I didn’t even order.”

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