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     By Audrey B. Unruh

      “Perfect  Timing”

 Have you ever felt like you were at the right place, but at the wrong time?  Or, have you ever felt like you were at the right place at the exact right time?  Our ‘timing’ is important.  It might not be the ‘perfect time’ to tell your husband that your wrecked the car today, when he is just coming home from a very stressful day at work!  At least give him a chance to unwind.  Nor should you consider telling your wife that you lost your job today, when you walk into the house and hear one of the children screaming!  Maybe she could at least ‘catch her breath’ before you pass along that time bomb!  We must consider our timing.

 Relaying messages of dire importance require ‘proper timing’ also.  Years ago, my parents were driving from Florida to Missouri, to visit us.  Several hours after they had left their home, I received a phone call that my oldest brother had just died.  We had no idea which highway my parents were driving; were they coming through Georgia, through Alabama; we didn’t know.  It was thought we should call the highway patrol and let them watch for them, stop them, and tell them the news.  I just didn’t feel like this would be a good idea, but what were we to do?  They were going to take two days to drive up, since it is a twenty-one hour drive, so we knew they were going to stop somewhere for night, but where?  I began praying that my parents would call me sometime, to let me know where they were.  (This was before the time of cell phones!)  Later that evening, they called from Alabama, and said they were stopping for night.  After I knew that my father was seated on the bed beside my mother, I was able to tell him the tragic news.  I heard my mother scream and the phone drop!  No, this wasn’t the ideal time or place for them to hear such news, but it was necessary for them to know so they could make the right decisions as to what to do next.

 The Lord puts within each of us a still, small voice of His, that we should use as a constant guide.  Some may call it a conscience, but it is still there.  Should we do this?  Should we do that?  Should we not buy this thing?  Should we buy this thing?  Should we go there?  Should we go here?  Hopefully, most of us are taught right from wrong.  But, will we have the character to do what is honorable and right, or will we chose wrong?  ‘Our timing’ is just as important.  Ten years ago, I was scheduled to go on a missions trip to Jamaica.  My ticket was bought, everything was set for me to go, but within my spirit, I felt I needed to stay home.  I didn’t know why, but I just didn’t feel I should go this time.  I really wanted to go again, but something just wasn’t ‘right’.  I gave my ticket to someone else and stayed here.  Several days later, my husband ended up in the hospital and had to have surgery.  What if I had gone ahead and gone anyway?  I would not have been here at a critical time for my husband and our family.  Sometimes we don’t understand why, but we need to just listen to God’s voice within us and heed His guidance and directions.  He will always give us the ‘perfect timing’ that we need for whatever lies ahead.        

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