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Madison County Soil and Water Conservation District Annual Poster Contest

The Madison County Soil and Water Conservation District held its Annual Poster Contest with all fourth grade students from The Fredericktown, and The Marquand-Zion School District. There was a total of 164 students that participated in the contest. Each class room had one first, one second, and one third place winner (listed below), out of all the class room winners from both schools there was one first place county winner, one second place county winner, and one third place county winner chosen.

The first place County poster will now be sent to Jefferson City to compete at state level. The Madison County SWCD would like to thank all the students that participated in this years contest, and would like to wish Patrick Kline the best of luck, at the state level competition.

Class Room Winners

Pierson’s Class

1. Bryson Starkey

2. Collin Tesson

3. Taylor Reynolds

Martignoni’s Class

1. Tawney England

2. Gabrielle Wisdom

3. Ashleigh Menteer

Stacy’s Class

1. Alex Branum

2. Brandon Wheeler

3. Lauren Halper

Roger’s Class

1. Patrick Kline

2. Clay Lerche

3. Jeremy Gremminger

Haferkamp’s Class

1. Lizzie Royer

2. Brooke Tonjum

3. Brandy Brewen

Wenninger’s Class

1. Mellissa Lineberry

2. Amber Leija

3. Ty Burks

Marquand-Zion School

1. Sarah Shafer

2. Brittany Jaroszewski

3. Joshua Boyer

County Winners

1. Patrick Kline

2. Alex Branum

3. Mellissa Lineberry

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