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Robert’s Copy

Missing your pet?

I was on DD Highway last Saturday. I never travel down DD. I go through to Highway 67 via County 220 or through Fredericktown.

About half-way down I noticed a small beige colored Spaniel along the road. It seemed to be in distress, as if it were trying to sit, but couldn’t.

I was going to continue on, but couldn’t. I simply had to turn around and check on the dog.

What I came upon was an animal near death. It had been in the woods for some time. It was old, dehydrated, and full of ticks. The hair was matted and filthy. The dogs ears were coated with mud, mold and more.

Why am I writing about this? Two reasons. Number one, this dog was obviously someone’s pet. It came to me when I called it. It rested comfortably in my lap as I drove it to the vet. It seem to know it was dying, but it also knew a human could help. I stopped to get it some food and water. It ate some food, but refused the water. Many people don’t realize the suffering they put these animal through when they don’t care for them and cast them out. She had puppies at some time in her life too. Maybe this will reach just one person, and change the way they treat animals.

Number two, If this dog just wandered away, maybe the owner would want to know what happened to it. I asked the Farmington Animal Hospital to put it down, (at my expense.) They said it was the right thing to do, she had liver cancer as well.

God bless all the caring vets in this area. I have yet to meet one that wasn’t compassionate. The Farmington Animal Hospital staff took me in between appointments. They obviously cared about the little pet suffering, as I did.

There are far too many animals already and no homes for them. Spay or neuter your pet. It is far better to keep them from having puppies then to chance them to cruel and inhuman treatment at the hands of people who just don’t give a damn.

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