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Michael Santschi donates $100 to the City of Fredericktown

Democrat News Reporter

Monday’s Full Council meeting had Michael Santschi appear before the Board of Aldermen. Is his statement, he was very grateful for the passage of the adult entertainment ordinance. He felt the Board of Aldermen had “effectively” stopped those types of business from coming to Fredericktown. To show his sincerity, Santschi said he applauds the Aldermen and donated $100. in the form of a check to the City to be used at their discretion. Santschi said he owns an Allstate Insurance office in Park Hills and has seven children he home schools. He said he tries to protect them as much as possible. He lives in Fredericktown and is a member of the Madison Health Department Board.

In other Council actions:

Three local women told the Aldermen they wanted to be considered for the position of Pool Manager this summer. All of them said they were responsible adults who have families and at least two years experience as lifeguards at the pool. Rachael DeSpain, Angie McDaniel and Annie Rodriguez said they are not just teenagers looking for a summer job, but sincere applicants with experience dealing with children, interested in the Pool Manager openings. They noted they have been trained in lifeguard skills and CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation). “We all care about the effective management of the City.” They said.

Bill Durham appeared before the Council to ask permission to place a Geo-Catching treasure at City Lake Park. Geocaching is a high tech treasure hunting game. People use GPS (Global Positioning System) units to locate small boxes or tins with inexpensive items placed inside them. The boxes are placed in obscure locations, and treasure hunters seek them out using the GPS, remove the item in the box (if wanted) and replace the item with something else. Durham said there is nothing of great value placed in the boxes. He noted a music CD was one of the items he placed. Some of the items might be a keychain, dental mirror or similar small object. The aldermen agreed to allow him to place the cachet.

Mayor Danny Kemp said he was at the flower pot planting work Saturday. He said they had 100 pots and 700 plants. The planters have been placed in downtown Fredericktown and a few more are available at the Extension office. He noted all the people that came out to help as well. He said it took about three hours to complete the work (Planters cost $45. each).

Kemp said he will be traveling around Fredericktown looking for areas that need to be cleaned-up in the upcoming weeks. He wants residents to spruce up their properties, remove junk cars, etc. or they may find a summons issued. Police Chief Keith DeSpain said the police have already issued five summons for failure to abate a derelict vehicle.

City Administrator C. Tim Morgan told the aldermen that Parks Director Jeff Chapman is making the park arrangements for the Azalea Festival. Chapman wants to hear from the Council if they have an idea or concern. Morgan said Chapman has already spoken with Chief DeSpain and the sanitation department. Morgan also talked about the reimbursements for recycling equipment and the new pick-up truck the City has taken delivery of. He said the City will be able to draw down the reimbursement funds for the pick-up once the payment check clears. About $42,000 has already been reimbursed from the DNR grant program according to Morgan. And approximately another $7,500 is pending invoice processing.

Alderman Rick Polete said he had heard some talk about the overhead doors at the Recycling Center not being installed yet. Polete said he wanted to set the record straight. The doors are not in yet and the payment for the doors is grant funded by a 2005 grant, which has not yet been awarded yet.

The Board of Aldermen passed Ordinances for Special Use permits at 400 Graham and 1373 Madison 202.

They also approved Ordinances for the rezoning of property at 149 Commercial Drive and 117 Park Drive.

The Ordinance creating the of Assistant Police Chief also passed.

The aldermen were also told the Planning and Zoning Commission will take up all new applications for Special Use permits and all current Special Use permits are still in order. Council motioned to continue to allow the Special Use permits now in effect.

Council heard and approved a request from Vince Grieshaber to allow two employees from his wastewater department to attend a free conference in Farmington, Missouri on May 18, 2005.

Accounts payable was approved. Municipal Court fines were totaled at $12,006.66 as of March 31, 2005. Municipal Court Collections were:

Receivable deposits of $6314.05.

Bond money deposits of $900.

Total disbursements of 530.90; balance to General Fund $6683.15.

In Remarks of Personal Privilege, Alderman Teresa Clark said the City had two successful CPR classes with good turn out at the classes. She thanked Safety Director George Hawn of his efforts. She said she was “Really proud of it.” (Contact City Hall if you wish to take the training).

Aldermen Deena Ward said she was involved with East Missouri Action Agency’s Walk a Mile Program and had invited a guest to the meeting; Karen Sisk.

Alderman Ernie Terry said he was glad the three ladies applying for the Pool Manager positions came before the Council to hear each, “Speak their mind.”

Closed session followed for one personnel matter.

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