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Park Hills fire takes lives of family’s pets

A fire late Friday destroyed a Park Hills residence and killed the family’s three pets.

According to State Fire Marshal Bob Jacobsen, at approximately 9:28 p.m., owner Beulah Hampton returned to her home in the 2020 block of Highway 32 with her daughter, who also resides in the home. When they opened the front door, the women realized the house was full of smoke.

Hampton’s grandson, who also lived at the house, was not home at the time. However, a dog and two cats perished in the blaze.

Jacobsen said that the fire apparently started in the attic and is under investigation. By the time firefighters arrived, the entire house was on fire and part of the roof had collapsed into the house.

The building was an older home that had been moved in the late 1980s to make room for Highway 32 improvements, Jacobsen said.

In a separate incident, smoke from a burning motor of a rooftop air conditioner filled the hallways at the Tradition Inn, 1625 W. Columbia in Farmington. Firefighters responded to the 3:20 a.m. call and evacuated 120 people from the building. No one was injured, Capt. Tom Harris said.

After identifying the cause of the problem, firefighters turned off the power to the unit, cleared the haze and allowed guests to return to their rooms.

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