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National recording artist signs books on Saturday

FARMINGTON – Dan Peek relates his personal memories of the often bumpy journey of the band “America” from its inception in the early 1970s to its end in the 1980s. The book, “AN AMERICAN BAND, The America Story,” is written by Peek, one of the founding members of the group, with nostalgia, honesty, regret and an underlying sense of pride.

Peek will be on hand for a book signing at the Oasis Bookstore at 102 W. Columbia Street from 11 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. on Saturday, June 4.

It is a remarkable story in that three young American “Army-brats” met while their fathers were stationed in England and formed the band “America,” the band that Rolling Stone magazine dubbed “the band that wrote the soundtrack to the ’70s.” Their early, haunting hit release, “A Horse with No Name” became an instant classic.

Peek, the son of Milton and Gerri Peek of Farmington, attended high school here and in Doe Run in the mid ’60s. Farmington and the surrounding still remain the symbolic hometown for Peek who said since his father was a career officer the family moved constantly and lived in such diverse locals as San Angelo, Texas and Peshawar, Pakistan.

Peek met Catherine, his wife of more than 30 years, while in school in England. Even after those years of constant touring with the band America, they both still enjoy travel and living in foreign places but still consider Farmington home.

“I still love Farmington and the parklands,” said Peek. “This entire area has so much charm and natural beauty. It is a paradise, and one of the country’s best kept secrets.”

The book Peek has written tells more than his personal story and the climb to world fame of a rock-band, it gives the reader an insight into that turbulent era of flower children, Vietnam and integration.

The band America was a part of the history and legacy of a changing social world. “AN AMERICAN BAND, The America Story,” follows the band from its forming to the final breakup and covers the decade when youth came into power and rock bands were their voice.

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