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Got something old? We want it

We are looking for memories tucked away in a shoebox. Clippings found in grandma’s attic. Yellowed pieces of newsprint. Anything that is a part of your family life that you have saved from old editions of the Daily Journal.

Bring them in and let us take a photo of them. Maybe you have a story to go along with them. We’d like to hear that too.

The Daily Journal is celebrating its 75th birthday this year and in conjunction with that, we will be publishing a commemorative edition in late June. It’s our readers who have kept us publishing all these years and so we would like to highlight you and the things that have kept you reading all these years.

This anniversary edition will contain the history of the newspaper along with stories of some of the people who have made it work in the past and stories of those who continue to make it work today.

We would like to add your family’s memories to this special edition.

There are also those people who like to save the front page of the newspaper that showcases a memorable day in history. We would like for you to also share those with us. We all remember where we were when President Kennedy was shot. Who has the Daily Journal front page from that day?

There are many more memorable days such as when President Nixon resigned, when the Challenger exploded, the day the first man walked on the moon.

If you have those papers, bring them in, let us photograph them with you and perhaps you can share a story with us that might be included in this edition.

Anyone who would like to help us celebrate by sharing their clippings should bring them to the Daily Journal office on St. Joe Drive in Park Hills by Friday, June 17.

The person bringing in the oldest clipping from the Daily Journal, previously called the St. Francois County Journal and before that the Leadwood Press, will be awarded a three-month subscription or a three-month extension to their existing subscription. Your clipping must have some proof of the date in order to be considered for the prize.

Bring your entries to our Park Hills office between the hours of 8 a.m. and 2 p.m. and ask for someone in the editorial department.

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