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For it’s root, root, root for the Firebirds, if they don’t win . . . .

Commentary by DONN ADAMSON/Daily Journal Sports Editor

FARMINGTON – Actually, whether they win or don’t win isn’t what will be a shame. What will be the shame is if no one comes out to watch. The Firebirds, already having won their first two away games, will be playing their first home game today at 2 p.m. at Wilson Rozier Park and their hope is that there will be plenty of area folks there to watch them play.

I went with the Firebirds on Friday to Sikeston for their game against the Bootheel Bombers (the team they will be playing today). At the start of the game, other than staff and media, there was a total of nine people and one dog present to watch the game. By the end of the game there was a total of 26 people, and the dog had gone home.

Granted, it was a weekday and played in the afternoon, when many people would not be able to attend because of their work, and add to that, as far as the Firebirds were concerned, it was an away game (a two-hour drive).

Why should you attend today’s game? Let me give you a few reasons.

1. The Firebirds are ‘Our team’.

The Firebirds actually had more fans than the Bombers at both Thursday’s and Friday’s games, and for good reason. Most all of the players on the Bombers team are not from the Sikeston area, meaning less local attention.

But not so for the Firebirds. Even though they are titled a Farmington team, there are only four players out of the 18 on the roster that are actually from Farmington. There are players from Bonne Terre, Desloge, Caledonia, Leadwood and a few from towns a little further out, like Bloomsdale and Piedmont. The team actually represents the area.

They need your support. It does something to players when they know there are people watching and expecting them to play well. Even more so, players want to perform at a higher level when they hear the cheers of their fans behind them. It’s called home field advantage.

2. They are the best in the area.

This summer, I have covered baseball from Bantam League (ages 7-9) to Senior Babe Ruth and American Legion (ages 16-19), and I can truly say, if that’s the only baseball you have seen, you’ve not seen much. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy those games, but each league is at a certain level of talent, from beginning to the best of high school.

The Firebirds play at a much higher skill level, and they have to because that’s the competition they will have in their 40 game schedule. If you’re a baseball fan, you need to be at the game. It will be worth your time.

3. It’s a great time for all.

Like I said before, this game is at 2 p.m. today. You don’t have to be at work (if you do have to work, the game will be on the radio – KREI 800AM). If you partied last night, you have plenty of time to down enough coffee and still make the game. If you will be at church this morning, you can still make the game and even have time afterwards to go back for the evening service.

If you’re hungry, when’s the last time you had a hot dog (or a brat) at a baseball game. The concession stand will be well supplied with refreshments.

4. It’s for everyone.

Bring the kids. The Firebirds’ games are meant for all ages, especially families. You won’t have to put up with those fans who have had one too many, even before the first inning. There’s no alcohol consumption allowed. There’ll be souvenirs and giveaways and special happenings that will make the game delightful for all, and of course, there’ll be great baseball too.

So, what do you say. How about – Take me out to ballgame!!

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