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City has unwelcome visitor roaming town

LEADINGTON – Leadington residents had an unwelcome visitor roaming through their town on Tuesday. Officials with the Leadington Police Department said a coyote wandered into town along Highway 32.

“The coyote went up by Ms B’s Convenient Store,” said Leadington Sgt. Rick Pogue. “People thought it was a dog at first. Then it started growling at people.”

Pogue said the coyote then went behind Ron Graham’s insurance office.

“It went into a culvert pipe,” Pogue said. “We tried to coax the coyote out the pipe a number of times, but were unsuccessful. The fire department sprayed water down the pipe, hoping the coyote would come out, but that too was unsuccessful. We ended up having to put the coyote down.”

Pogue said because the coyote was acting suspicious by coming out in a populated area in broad daylight the carcass of the animal was taken to an area veterinary clinic so its head could be sent off to be tested for rabies.

Diana Williams, director of the St. Francois County Health Center, said rabies is transmitted through saliva.

“If anyone feels that they may have come into contact with the coyote they need to call us at (573) 431-1947,” Williams said. “Also if anyone thinks their pet may have come into contact with the coyote they need to call a veterinarian or the health department.”

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