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Prison official confirms investigation of missing drugs

POTOSI – An official with the Missouri Department of Corrections confirmed this morning that a staff member is under investigation for taking drugs out of the Potosi Correctional Center.

“The investigation is ongoing and is being handled internally at this point,” said John Fougere, public information officer with the Missouri Department of Corrections.”

Ken Fields, a spokesperson for Correctional Medical Service (CMC), which provides medical services to correctional facilities, said he would not comment on the investigation.

“We do not comment to the media on personnel matters,” Fields said. “Certainly, all of our employees are expected to comply with policies and procedures that are established. If it is proven that they have not, they are subject to disciplinary action.”

Correctional Medical Services provides healthcare services to correctional institutions in 27 states. CMS employs over 6,000 physicians, nurses and other healthcare professionals. CMS was founded in 1979 and is based out of St. Louis.

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