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City discusses engineering plans for Church Street

BONNE TERRE – Members of the Bonne Terre City Council heard proposals from three engineering firms Tuesday night during a special council meeting.

Taylor Engineering of Farmington, Metropolitan Engineering of Barnhart, and Sam Smith and Company Engineers of Poplar Bluff, each got a turn to sell their services – which would be to come up with an engineering plan for Church Street.

After the three firms had left, members of the council indicated they favored two of the three firms.

Councilman Gene Archer put a motion on the table to go with one of the firms but the motion was taken back after Councilwoman Janet Barton asked if they could have more than just one night to look over and consider the information.

There also was some concern that they did not know what the engineering fees for each firm would be.

City Manager Larry Hughes suggested they have the three firms come up with written proposals by Monday. The council would then meet during another special session to pick an engineer.

Another concern was the timeline.

Mayor Sue Wilke said they would like to have the project completed by the end of the year. One firm said the construction year for asphalting ends in mid-November.

Taylor Engineering, and Smith Engineers, which plans to open an office in Farmington, both said they could get a plan ready in 30 to 45 days but Metropolitan initially gave a longer time frame.

The engineering firm would survey the street and do drilling to determine the condition of the base. Once a plan is drawn up, the city would have to advertise bids for a contractor.

City crews consisting of city employees and work release inmates have worked during the past year to replace curbing and old utility lines under the roadway.

The residential street, which is heavily traveled by both heavy trucks and passenger vehicles, has been in need of repair for several years.

The city passed a sales tax in 2002 to generate money for street improvements. About $140,000 is currently in that fund.

Some funds already have been used to repair sidewalks and curbs and repave Lake Drive.

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