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Fredericktown Revitalization Committee met Tuesday

The Fredericktown businesses participating in the Downtown Revitalization Committee met at the Madison County Coffee House.

The meeting was chaired by Madison County Program Director from the Extension Office, Celeste Vanderbrugen. She was taking the place of Corey Powers at the meeting.

Two main topics were discussed including advertising, and the 2005 Christmas season in Fredericktown.

The topic of billboard advertising was brought up. However the committee felt more needed to be done to attract and keep tourists to the Fredericktown area before billboard advertising would be a good value for the money.

In other discussions:

Christmas brought a significant amount of discussion among the numerous business owners and others who attended. The first weekend in December was agreed to as the “Home for the Holidays” event. The event would begin Friday evening, December 2 and continue Saturday, December 3. (nothing overnight).

Some ideas they discussed were planting real trees in the planters that have been placed in front of the businesses. After the season the trees could be moved to another location to grow. It was noted the planters may become broken during colder weather because of expansion of the dirt in the planters. A suggestion of placing styrofoam in the planters to help with expansion was made. Another idea was to place battery powered decorations in the planters for evening enjoyment. A professional landscaper and horticulturist will be contacted by Extension regarding the trees and planters.

Placing white lights along downtown for the holiday season decorations was also discussed. The committee would approach the City regarding temporary lighting for any displays the businesses may decide to set up.

They also talked about a “Santa Kiosk,” in the downtown area. Also, possibly some entertainers and local church choirs. The committee plans to contact churches and the Fredericktown High School Music Department asking about any interest they may have in performing during the coming season. Discussion about the Kiosk included who would build it, who would paint it and if the county would agree to allow the Kiosk. Vanderbrugen told the group her office would contact the Madison County Commissioners and asked to have a few members placed on the agenda to address the issues. A letter of thanks was to be drafted by the committee as well; for the recent support they have seen.

The committee also pointed out the popularity of the Christmas Trees around the courthouse each year. Other events, like the free hot chocolate and apple cider, are expected to be available again this year.

The committee discussed cleaning up the downtown area before the event, including making snow removal plans and maintaining parking areas for shoppers. “Everything in top shape.”

The next meeting is scheduled for 7 a.m. on Thursday, July 14, 2005 at the Madison County Coffee House, 125 E. Main St..

For further details contact Corey Powers at Edwards Jones or Tina Bales at Country Lane Florists.

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