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Olive Street residents complain about no parking signs

DESLOGE – The Desloge Board of Aldermen faced questions from residents who live along Olive concerning the new no parking signs during Monday’s monthly meeting. The residents requested that the city remove the signs to allow parking along the street.

“We don’t have a whole lot of available parking along Olive Street as it is,” said John King. “I would like to see this handled in another way and for the no parking signs to come down.”

Another resident asked the city to remove the signs because he said a tenant who rents a house he owns on Olive Street is handicapped and, with the new signs, cannot park in front of the house.

Alderman Chris Gremminger said it was his understanding that the signs were placed along the street to protect the WPA Bridge and for safety reasons.

“It was my understanding that emergency personnel could not get fire truck and ambulances down the street when there is parking on both sides,” Gremminger said.

King responded by saying, “I’d like to know who came up with that. We have school buses that come down the street all the time.”

Former Alderman Scott Bockenkamp was also in attendance. Bockenkamp voiced his opinion in favor of Desloge getting a new water system.

“It’s my understanding that there were some folks who were at the last meeting who were against Desloge getting a new water system,” Bockenkamp said. “I would like to say first that I am in favor of a new water system. I served on the board for four years and I know the in’s and out’s and what has taken place. I’ve seen the offers and counteroffers. This is a good system and the city needs this.”

Bockenkamp also asked when the city will start working on stormwater projects.

“Our stormwater study has been sitting for a long time and these projects need to be a high priority,” Bockenkamp said. “I know the special tax has not generated a whole lot of money yet, but with that source of revenue there are other avenues of financing the city can pursue.”

The board approved the annexation of a property located at the northeast corner of U.S. 67 and Highway 8 that is immediately adjacent to the existing trailer park. The annexation was requested by the owners, Paul Bertram and Myra Bertram.

The board also amended the budget for the 2004-2005 fiscal year.

“We had some things that were not accounted for properly,” said Desloge City Administrator Eric Wiederhold.

Adjustments were made for postage in the amount of $1,221.53, checks for $1,047.58, building maintenance for $49.44 and equipment maintenance for $1,828.76.

Several appointments were also made during Monday’s meeting. Mara Westbrooks, Jack Poston and Amy Braun were reappointed to the Library Board. Janet Whaley, Linda King and Janice Neubrand were reappointed to the Tax Increment Financing Commission. Don Sherrill and David Black were reappointed to the Planning and Zoning Commission. Jerry Link was appointed to the Board of Adjustment. Jim Gremminger and Dick Blumenstock were reappointed to the Desloge Park Board. Mark Thompson and Michelle Link were also appointed to the Park Board.

During the aldermen comments, Alderman J.D. Hodge expressed his concerns about Herzog Construction finishing the renovations of the new city hall on schedule.

“I’ve seen the work schedule of construction and it appears that construction is two months behind,” Hodge said. “We are supposed to be able to move in the new facility in August. When I talked to the drywall crews, they said there is no way that is possible. I hope it is in our contract that for every day they run behind, they owe the city money.”

During closed session the board approved hiring Cindy Crump to serve as the Deputy Court Clerk. Crump is replacing Angie White who has become the city’s Deputy City Clerk.

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