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Park Hills meets to discuss TIF district at meeting tonight

Park Hills City Council is scheduled to discuss several ordinances tonight at the monthly meeting, including one that would designate a redevelopment area and establish a Tax Increment Finance (TIF) district. The public portion of the council meeting begins at 7 p.m. in City Hall.

The TIF District 4 Redevelopment Plan covers most of the area from Community Drive and Main Street east to the intersection of Main Street and an alley between Flat River Drive and Spruce Street. It consists of approximately 55 acres and includes parcels along TJ Stewart near Community Drive and on Science Street near the intersections with Main Street.

Adoption of the plan is recommended by the Park Hills TIF Commission, which held a public hearing on the issue last month.

According to an overview of the Redevelopment Plan presented at the public hearing, development in a new TIF area is funded by 100 percent of new real estate taxes and 50 percent of new sales taxes as compared to the base year before a TIF is established. This TIF is expected to generate approximately $1.2 million that would reimburse the developer for some costs and would be used for a variety of projects in the district.

Creation of a TIF district will not increase taxes. The city has no plans to use eminent domain in connection with the proposed TIF district.

The St. Francois County Commission opposes the plan. In a letter to the TIF Commission, the County Commission wrote, “At a time when the County is growing and additional funds are needed to carry out the County’s duties and administration, tax increment financing is depleting the County’s income. We realize everyone has a job to do, but at some point County Services are going to be affected.”

In other business, the City Council plans to address a special use permit to Nextel for construction and operation of a cellular telephone tower and equipment shelter on Davis Court. They will consider a rezoning request in the Elvins area and will amend the city’s code regarding FEMA Region VII Disaster Recovery Study.

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