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Corps of Engineers to meet with other agencies about swamp area on Lincoln Drive

The Board of Aldermen met monday evening July 11. Alderman Teresa Clark was absent due to her father-in-law passing away; Norman L. Clark Sr.. Mayor Danny Kemp held a moment of silence before continuing the meeting.

City Engineer Tim Baer told the aldermen a meeting was being arranged between the Corps of Engineers and other agencies to discuss the swamp area on Lincoln Dr. The area has become a concern since West Nile Virus is spread by mosquitos which breed in standing water. (No cases of the virus have been reported locally). Two aldermen had received some calls from the public regarding the problem. Baer said the City is invited to attend the meeting and a public announcement would be forth coming afterwards.

In other Council business;

Former mayor, Williard ‘Red” LaPlant appeared before the Council to ask when a section of roadway was going to be flattened out. LaPlant said the intersection of West Main St. and North Wood was supposed to be leveled out so cars traveling through the intersection didn’t scrape their front end. LaPlant said the work was due to be done a long time ago. Mayor Danny Kemp said the City would “get with Dennis,” to look at the problem and see what could be done. LaPlant also asked the Board of Aldermen about funds being used from the Transportation Tax. However, the Council told LaPlant that was not an issue on the agenda and would not be discussed.

Mayor Kemp continued the meeting with his report on the clean-up going on in the City. He said overall things were going well, however a few complaints still remained unresolved. He confirmed with the aldermen about complaints they have received and looked to Chief DeSpain who was sitting in the audience.

Reports from committees and staff for June were provided. The animal control report showed a total of 14 dogs, 12 cats and six other animals including a pig, two bats, two opossums and an armadillo; were handled through the pound. Four were released to their owners, eight to other shelters, four back to the wild, 14 euthanised and one missing. The monthly Collector report showed a total of $34,215.35 collected. Municipal Court collections totaled $12,872.47. Recycling report showed 44 bales of cardboard sold at $85 per ton, 9.88 tons of plastic and cans and six bales of clothing remain. Wastewater report showed 10.9 mg treated, with 144,000 gallons in land applied biosolids. Effluent reports were all within normal ranges.

City Administrator C. Tim Morgan commended George Hawn, Vince Grieshaber and Joe Stevens for their work replacing a rotor bearing. The city saved about $1,700. in labor costs by using the learned skills of the employees in doing the work, rather than hiring a repair company according to Morgan.

The City responded to Environmental Agency (EPA) and Department of Natural Resources (DNR) about an I&I (infitration) problem. According to a Wastewater report, the agencies came by on June 9 for an update. Water Department Manager Tim Allgier told the Council the I & I problem that really must be addressed. Morgan said the City is working on the problem to reduce or slowdown storm runoff and is “chipping away” at the problem. Grieshaber noted the ultra-violet treatment system in the wastewater department is now 20 years old and needs to be replaced. Alderman Deena Ward asked Grieshaber if he was aware of any grant money that might be available to replace the system. He said no.

Morgan said he attended the Missouri Public Energy Pool meeting. The pool has been receiving proposals for contracts which are due to expire soon. The pool purchases electric power for the group and, by doing so, distributes the costs of purchasing electricity over the entire membership. Morgan said the work at the Fredericktown Airport is completed with the exception of seeding, which will be done this fall season. A problem with the lighting system was brought up and will be fixed soon too. He also reported that calls are coming in from engineers regarding the highway bypass project. Morgan said he is referring the calls to the county. The EPA has released their environmental impact study on the Highway 67 project. Morgan said the report is available in PDF format and 313 pages long.

The Board approved a license for package liquor sales at the new Super Wal-Mart.

The Board of Aldermen approved a lease-purchase transaction with the Missouri Association of Municipal Utilities for certain public improvements for the City of Fredericktown. The “Project” description in the ordinance reads as follows:

The Project consists of improvements to the Lessee’s electric and water system, including (1) a new approximately 5,240 foot electric service line from 100 Commercial Drive to 1025 Walton Drive to serve Wal-mart Super Center. (2) a new approximately 4,120 foot electric service line from the electric substation located at approximately 160 Commercial Drive to serve a new 120-unit apartment complex to be located on Emerald Drive, (3) a new approximately 1,850 foot water service line from the water storage tank located in the industrial park to 100 Wulfert Drive, and (4) upgrades to the Lessee’s existing electric system including new transformers and lines in the area around the new ‘Cap America’ electric substation. Estimated costs of the Project are $836,929.72 plus investment earnings. Termination date of the lease is July 28, 2025. (unless earlier terminated as provided for in the Lease).

Council agrees to the work session date as 6:30 p.m. on July 18. 2005.

Closed session followed for one legal matter, two contract matters and one personnel matter.

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