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Man drowns in Irondale

IRONDALE – The wet conditions caused by the remains of Hurricane Dennis have caused a drowning in Irondale. According to the Washington County Sheriff’s Department. Richard Lee Sherrill, 34, Irondale, died Tuesday as a result of drowning.

Washington County Sheriff Kevin Schroeder said the drowning occured Tuesday morning at 6:57 a.m. at a lake in Camp Irondale. “Sherrill was driving a pick-up truck and was attempting to cross a dam which is constructed of red clay mud,” Schroeder said.

Rain had made the clay very slippery.

“The truck began to slide and turned 90 degrees facing up the dam. It appears that Sherrill tried to continue up the dam, but the vehicle lost traction and went into the lake,” Schroeder said.

Schroeder said Sherrill was unable to escape the truck and drowned.

“A lady that lived in the area saw the truck go into the lake and called 911,” Schroeder said. “By the time emergency personnel got on the scene Sherrill had drowned. We could see the top of the truck from above the water. Two members of the Irondale Fire Department pulled Sherrill’s body from the lake. The Mineral Area Dive Team conducted a search to make sure Sherrill was alone in the truck. Once we made sure there weren’t any other occupants inside the vehicle, the Mineral Area Dive Team hooked the truck to a wrecker and we recovered it.”

In addition to the Washington County Sheriff’s Department, Missouri State Highway Patrol responded to the drowning.

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