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Domestic dispute call results in drug arrests

DESLOGE – An alleged domestic dispute resulted in the arrest of four individuals for manufacturing methamphetamine. Desloge Police Chief James Bullock said the incident occurred at 4 p.m. on Sunday at a residence on Waller Street.

“A woman called and reported that she had been assaulted,” Bullock said. “She was already at the hospital when she called and reported it. She said she had possible rib injuries and head injuries. Officers Brandon Scherffius and Dustin Cash went to the residence to find the male suspect who was involved. They could not get any response after knocking on the door.”

Bullock said Scherffius left the residence while Cash hung around for observation.

“Officer Cash observed a vehicle with four people in it pull into the rear driveway of the residence,” Bullock said. “Officer Cash contacted Officer Scherffius on the radio and told him what was going on. Officer Scherffius returned to the residence. The officers observed the subjects carrying items out of a shed and putting them into the vehicle.”

The officers then confronted the subject.

“A propane tank with clear plastic tubing coming out of it was observed in the vehicle,” Bullock said. “A strong chemical smell was also coming from the vehicle. The officers figured there was methamphetamine related paraphernalia along with a possible methamphetamine lab inside the vehicle. They made everyone get out of the vehicle and while in the process, they discovered items used in making methamphetamine.”

Bullock said the officers found Coleman fuel, lithium batteries, pseudophedrine tablets, a Xanax pill and other drug paraphernalia.

“A 24-year-old Farmington woman, a 25-year-old Doe Run man, a 25-year-old Farmington man and a 25-year-old Farmington man were all arrested,” Bullock said. “They are facing probable felony charges of distribution, manufacturing in less than 2,000 feet from a school as well as other charges.”

Bullock said the initial male subject the officers were looking for was still not in custody at this point.

“The officers left, still trying to locate the guy that lived at the residence,” Bullock said. “The guy had contacted the woman who was at the hospital by the phone at the residence so the officers knew he was inside the house. The officers contacted the man by phone, went into the residence and were able to take him into custody.”

The 38-year-old Desloge resident was arrested for domestic assault.

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