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By the way…

My Debbie is in Parkland Hospital at this time. She woke up Thursday morning with her blood sugar running amok. I’m sure she was near coma stage for she can hardly remember anything about that day. Her testing machine maxes at 600, so we know her sugar count was higher than that. Although Debbie also has some other problems flaring at this time, her blood sugar is down somewhat, though still way too high. Now the object is to find out why insulin doesn’t seem to be helping her. Regardless of the intensity of the trial, Debbie stays cheery and patient. She gives God the credit for her stamina and courage. Please pray with us that God will provide a solution for her and that she can soon be back with her family.

I’ve been keeping Joey quite a bit. I know he really misses his mom, but he keeps busy while he’s waiting for her to come home. He’s on a potato chip kick right now and has learned to say please, thank you and cool! He is going to school 3 days a week and is learning new stuff all the time. Joey was blessed with enough hair for 2 or 3 kids. Debbie had planned to use the clippers on him the day she woke up sick. I’ve never used them and would be afraid to use scissors, for our little Joey does not take kindly to haircuts, so the haircut is on hold for now.

However, I did tackle a head wash. First I got everything we needed and lined it up on the kitchen counter. Then I subdued Joey with his body on the counter and his head over the sink (much easier to say than it was to do). I think he must have grown quite a bit since the last time, for I found he was able to raise his head and shoulders and kick like a mule. He nearly kicked my microwave to death and managed to execute 2 complete rolls. Talk about wrestling an alligator! I washed, rinsed, and conditioned Joey’s hair, face, ears and upper torso, as well as myself, a large area of my cabinet and the kitchen floor. I had opted for the kitchen sink instead of the bathtub, thinking to spare the old soap in the eyes routine. But even though that was an exercise of futility, I think it was best, for had this encounter taken place in the bathtub, I might have drowned.

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