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Botched burglary ends in shooting

FARMINGTON – Following a botched burglary attempt, a Farmington man was shot by police early this morning. According to Farmington Police Chief Rick Baker, his officers responded to burglary alarm call at Bailey’s Pub and Grill just after 2 a.m.

“When officers arrived on the scene, one went to the front entrance and one went to the back entrance,” Baker said. “The officer in the back saw that the back door was open so he radioed the other officer to come around back. While the officers were discussing whether or not to enter the building, a man came out of Bailey’s carrying a crowbar, a flashlight and a cash register.”

Baker said his officers told the man to drop the items and get on the ground.

“The man was told to get on the ground repeatedly,” Baker said. “He kept walking toward the officers and dropped the cash register. The man then raised his crowbar and went toward Sgt. Clif Bone. At that time officer Lindell Barton discharged his firearm.”

Baker said the man then dropped all of the items and took off running from the scene.

“After a short foot chase the officers were able to subdue the man and get handcuffs on him,” Baker said. “At that time the officers found that the man had been shot in the right forearm. The man was transported to Mineral Area Regional Medical Center for treatment.”

Baker said following treatment at Mineral Area Regional Medical Center the man was transported to St. Louis University Hospital.

Baker said the 44-year-old Farmington man is facing probable charges of assault, burglary, resisting arrest and property damage.

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