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Engler and Tilley to present signed copies of Bill to principal

Last year Dr. David Waters, principal at Farmington High School, along with School Resource Officer Sam Weekly and George Boyd and Jay Scruggs of the juvenile services of the St. Francois County Juvenile Court brought the problem of prescription drugs in schools to the attention of 3rd District Sen. Kevin Engler and 106th District Rep. Steven Tilley.

To respond to this growing problem and a loophole in what was current legislation at the time, Engler and Tilley joined forces to draft Senate Bill 254.

The bill made it illegal to possess, sell or distribute non-scheduled, prescription-only medications in public schools. Many of the drugs that fall into this category are medications used to treat depression and mental illnesses. The medications are only sold by prescription, but are non-scheduled through the Federal Drug Administration – therefore were exempt from existing state drug laws at the time. In reality, a student could possess or use prescription-only, non-schedule medications with the school having very limited control of the situation – and the legal system having even less control.

On July 13, Gov. Matt Blunt signed SB 254 into law. To show their appreciation to Waters, Weekly, Boyd and Scruggs for bringing this problem to their attention and support during the legislative process, Sen. Engler and Rep. Tilley will present copies of SB 254, signed by Gov. Matt Blunt, to the four men.

The ceremony will happen at 10 a.m. on Aug. 10 at Farmington High School.

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