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‘Notorious gang members’ plan kidnapping

FARMINGTON – Their plot is simple.

Alex “Killer” Troncale, Zachary “Mean Machine” Howell and their “ring leader” Meloney Edge are going to kidnap the mayor and hold him for ransom today at city hall.

The deal goes down at 11:30 a.m. today, but the trio says you can still save Charles Rorex by donating money to help get him out of their clutches.

How much money? Well, as much as you have would be nice, but whatever you can afford is fine.

“Killer” and “Mean Machine” are Edge’s sons, and they are members of the MAFL. Far from being notorious gang members, the 11-year-old and the 9 and one-half-year-old (don’t forget the half) are enthusiastic members of a non-profit organization for youths more benignly known as the Mineral Area Football League. These boys don’t want to kidnap anyone, they just want to play some football.

“We try to raise as much money as we can so that we can keep the fees low,” Edge said. “This year the league has to raise $31,000.”

As a football mom, Edge has held a variety of fund-raisers to bring in money, including yard sales. However, this year’s annual sale didn’t do as well as usual, so she was looking for a little something extra she could do.

She spoke to the mayor about her kidnapping idea and said he readily agreed. “I was kind of surprised when he said yes,” she said. “I thought it would be more difficult to convince him to let me do this, but I am grateful that he was gracious enough to do this.”

Donations will be tax deductible, Edge says, and she will have the necessary forms available at city hall.

If you happen to miss the impromptu kidnapping, donations may still be made to the MAFL. Contact Edge at 756-7929 to find out how. Alternately, a check made payable to the MAFL may be sent to her address at 504 W. College Street in Farmington.

The football league annually serves about 23 teams, and each team has from 18 to 20 youths. They will likely be adding a few teams this year, Edge said.

The money they raise is needed to pay referees for the championship games, purchase jerseys and trophies, recondition pads or purchase new equipment, and pay for insurance. Youths get to keep the jersey which has their name on it, but the rest of the uniform is turned in and recycled for the next year.

According to a printout of figures from Edge, the organization spent $57,000 for the season last year. A detailed breakdown of the budget is available on request. The president of the league is Mike Brian and he is one of the coaches as well.

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