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Officials believe brawl was racially motivated

FARMINGTON – Officials with the Farmington Police Department are saying a brawl that occurred in a trailer court on Saturday may have been racially motivated. The incident occurred about 2 a.m. in a trailer park on Maple Street.

“Reports indicate three white males entered a trailer park on Maple Street and attacked a lone juvenile black male,” said Farmington Police Chief Rick Baker. “Shortly thereafter several black and white individuals who witnessed the attack joined the altercation, going after the three white males. While this was happening one of the three initial white males, a 19-year-old Park Hills man, was severely beaten and was transported to Mineral Area Regional Medical Center.”

Baker said the man was released from the hospital on Monday.

“There were other minor injuries that were reported, but no one else required medical attention,” Baker said.

Rick McMillian, 19, Park Hills, has identified himself as the person who was severely beaten.

“A couple of buddies and I had heard that a friend of ours was being jumped,” McMillian said. “We didn’t go there to start anything.

“We never jumped anybody,” McMillian said. “I don’t have a problem with other races. I don’t think this was racially motivated.”

McMillian said he did not remember hitting anybody.

Baker said the investigation into the attack is ongoing.

“We have been continuously interviewing witnesses and participants since the attack occurred,” Baker said. “However, we have received several conflicting statements. We know that some of the people are just outright lying. We are trying to sort through the facts. The investigation is far from complete at this point.”

Baker said a black male has been detained at this point and that charges are being sought against two white men.

“More arrests could be made and additional charges could be filed,” Baker said. “We are asking that anyone who may have witnessed the incident to call the Farmington Police Department at (573) 756-6686.”

Baker said the Federal Bureau of Investigation has been contacted in reference to the attack because officials believe it was racially motivated.

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