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Optimist Soccer Begins

Saturday Sep. 11 marked the first soccer games for the 2005 season. The Parks Department had been hard at work during the week to get everything ready and they done a spectacular job. This year we are playing on 5 fields with each age group (Kind – 8th Grade) having their own age/size appropriate field. The Kindergarten instructional division played two games. Three games were played in each other age group with the following results:

1st & 2nd grade

Yellow Jackets 1 – Blue Jays 0

Yellow goal by John Walker

Fireballs 10 – Black Dragons 2

Red goals; Taylor Hampton 5, Luke Korokis 2, Hunter Dowd 2 and Zach Edmond

Black goals; Jeffrey Crocker 2

Green Machine 5 – Purple Storm 3 (1 shootout)

Green goals; Zach Keller / SO goals; Logan Brownn Zack Keller, Konnor Johnston and Drew Martin

Purple goals; Tanner Davis / SO goals; Hunter Kay and Carter Hovis

3rd & 4th Grade

Black Stingrays 7 – Purple 5

Black goals; Jordan Sutton 3, Nick O’Brien 2 and Logan Deal 2

Purple goals; Logan Underwood 3, Christopher Filley and Caitlyn Allgier

Red Rockets 1 – Yellow 0

Red goal by Colton Willcut

Blue 10 – Black Stingrays 1

Blue goals; Nathan Simpson 7, Joe Wiser 2 and Ben Mays

Black goal by Jordan Sutton

5th & 6th Grade

Purple 5 – Red 3

Purple goals; Patrick Kline 4, and Ethan Pinkley

Red goals; Jake Korokis, Monica Torrez and Dalton Hampton

Yellow 3 – Black 0

Yellow goals; Zach Proffer, Tyson Andrews and Taylor Clark

Blue 5 – Red 1

Blue goals; Garrett Burns 3 and Alex Branum 2

Red goal by Dalton Hampton

7th & 8th Grade

Red Rockets 2 – Smurfs 1

Red goals; Jacob Bingham and Ben Kline

Blue goal by Meghan Starkey

Black 3 – Smurfs 2 (1 shootout)

Black goals; Ryan Gifford 2 and winning shootout goal by Kyle Brewington

Blue goals; Mary Porter and Meghan Starkey

Black 5 – Red 1

Black goals; Ryan Gifford 3 and Levi Smallen 2

Red goal by Koty Kennon

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