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Staff help with hurricane relief

Staff at the Family Support Division of the Department of Social Services emptied their pockets and tightened their belts to help out with hurricane relief.

For the past three weeks, instead of splurging on soda and snacks during the day, employees at the agency in Park Hills emptied their change into a large glass jar. In three weeks, the coins added up to $450.

On Thursday, the group presented a money order for the amount to the Red Cross to be used in the disaster relief fund. In addition, the agency held a blood drive in support of victims of Hurricane Katrina.

“We do this every 56 days,” explained Robin Nolan. “This time, we wanted to help with the Katrina relief effort.”

Donors entered an air-conditioned bloodmobile throughout the day, then enjoyed a free lunch in the employee dining area. By 2:30 p.m., donors had provided 29 units of blood.

Meanwhile, the glass jar will not remain empty for long.

“We plan to do the same thing next month for ‘Make A Difference'” said manager Licia Pirtle. “We will be helping the community because that money will benefit local food pantries.”

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