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Lower Crane Pond

It’s Sunday morning and the rain is coming down. I guess it’s coming from the Hurricane Rita. I am glad this storm didn’t turn out as bad as was expected, but it was plenty bad. It sure does look like God is trying to get the people’s attention.

It’s with a heavy heart I write this item. My oldest grandchild, Cassandra (Casey) Martin of Park Hills was found dead on Friday morning from an overdose of morphine administered by someone other than herself. Why do people mess with this stuff? It’s ruining most all of our young people and there’s too many older ones selling it to them. Our beautiful United States is ruined by this stuff. I should say the people in it, but they make up the United States. My grand-daughter just turned 32 August 29, but she’s had health problems all her life. She leaves two children, 12-year-old Megan and 11-year-old Zachary, her mother, Beverly Jenkins, her step-father of 17 years, Glynn Jenkins, her father Glen Martin, her brother Colby Martin, sister, Courtney Martin, grandmother Anise Clemonds, Aunt Melissa Brooks, three nieces, Bridgett, Ivy and Lily, and four cousins, who are heartbroken. She was laid to rest in Parkview Cemetery at Farmington, MO.

Juanita Files is back in the hospital again. Going to run more tests to try and find out why her lung is leaking. They were supposed to insert a pump in her back later this week to administer pain medicine, but it looks like that may have to be postponed. Keep her in your prayers. She is really having a rough time.

I’ve been informed that Leonard Betsch of Jewett is sinking pretty fast. He has cancer. Peck Hamilton is on the critical list also. He has heart trouble, along with other problems. His wife, Carol, isn’t doing real good either. She has diabetes; her sister, Wanda West, has two broken toes, just from stepping on a rock the wrong way. Norma West’s leg is giving her problems again. Edgar West seems to be doing pretty good, but had to go to Cape Tuesday for a check-up; his sister, Mary Settle, took him down. She is having health problems; her husband Dean is down with back problems. He’s in bad shape also. Larry West is having stomach problems. We hope these people all get to feeling better real soon. Just prayer that the Lord will step in and see fit to heal them.

Charles and Karion Sutton have enjoyed a great revival this week over at the tabernacle at Roselle. This is the last day of the association. I’m sure they are all worn out but had a good time in the Lord and the fellowship. Bro. Charles will be preaching a revival beginning October 3rd at Farmington, right now I’m not sure which church though. His phone number is 1-573-783-7515 and hopefully I’ll know more next week about this.

The Hamilton-Jones family reunion will be October 2nd at the Vulcan Community Building. They start arriving around 10. All you relatives and friends come out and join us. You’re bound to enjoy yourselves. They’re such a fun-loving bunch.

The Freedom Fest at Annapolis will start on Friday the 7th in the evening with a ham and bean supper and a few other things, the parade will be Saturday morning the 8th, at 10 a.m. Other thing beginning before 10 a.m. and going on all day. See you there.

Patricia and Pete Williams daughter, Kay Gwasdz of Houston, Texas, escaped the storm down there, we’re glad to say. When they said move she went to higher ground real fast. She can’t go back to her original home before Tuesday. But at least she has some place to go to.

There will be a revival beginning on Tuesday, October 4th through the 9th at the Nazarene Church in Annapolis. Time — Tuesday through Saturday — at 7 p.m., Sunday — 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. The evangelist will be Rev. Howard Casteel. He is a brother of Rev. C.J. Casteel the pastor. Everyone welcome.

Happy birthday wishes September 28th to Beverly Johnson of Des Arc, Gene Brewer and Zeke Sample Jewett and Ida Firebaugh of here; Roy Williams of here, September 30th, and Patrick Tilk of Jewett; Brandon Tanner of Jewett October 1st; Louise Toppins of Vulcan October 5th. I wish you all very happy birthdays. May the Lord bless each one.

Congratulations to Janice (Hamilton) Brewington and her new husband who were married the 17th. I’m not sure of his name but seems like it’s Tom Davison. If I’m wrong, please forgive me. My memory is not what it used to be. Elder Charles Sutton married the couple at their beautiful home at Cherokee Pass. They knew and had a crush on each other when very young — so now there’s a happy ending. I hope you both will always be as happy as you are right now. May God Bless you.

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