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Elverum gets prison term for shooting out windows

FARMINGTON – A Farmington man was sentenced to 16 years in prison for shooting out windows on several vehicles two years ago.

Norman Elverum, 21, had been placed on five years of supervised probation in December of 2003 after pleading guilty to four counts of property damage. But on Friday, Circuit Court Judge Kenneth W. Pratte revoked his probation for violating a condition of the probation.

A probable cause statement signed by Detective Chris James of the Farmington Police Department states there were 13 incidents of property damage reported involving 12 vehicles and at least one business May 16-17, 2003.

In addition, James said in the statement, “several flags were stolen from flag poles throughout town.” Earlier this week, police said nearly a dozen flags were also stolen from public buildings and businesses in the same time period.

Also arrested and charged were Richard Barks of Park Hills and Michael W. White Jr. of Farmington.

When the men were arrested, officers found several flags at the residence in Farmington where Elverum and White live.

James said in the statements the three suspects were interviewed about the incidents “and confessed to committing all of the crimes.” He said they told him they “were intoxicated and decided to break windows and steal flags.”

At least four flags were stolen from two county government buildings. At both the County Courthouse in the center of town and at the County Jail on Doubet Road next to the Farmington Correctional Center thieves took the American flags and the POW-MIA flags.

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