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State Senator Jason Crowell visits Marquand-Zion Elementary

Senator Jason Crowell (R) 27 District, paid a visit to the 4th grade class at Marquand-Zion Elementary School October 11.

He is touring several schools in Missouri.

The 4th grade class has Mrs. Tinnin as a substitute teacher for the day.

Sen. Crowell began his visit telling the class what the senator’s job is in government. Crowell said, &#8220We pass laws as state senators.” To help the children gain a better understanding he held an honorary &#8220swearing in” of all the students. Once sworn in, the Sen. Crowell and the class &#8220called to order” an honorary meeting of state senators. He said senators vote by mouth or oral votes with an aye or nay. He then told the honorary senators the bill under debate today was whether or not all 4th graders should have five hours of homework each night. He got their attention as evidenced by the jaws dropping open and the heads shaking quickly side to side saying no. Well, most of the children said no. One young ‘senator’ said he wouldn’t object because he knows the more work he does the more stuff he gets.

Sen. Crowell continued the debate by telling the students about amendments to the law (bill). One amendments Sen. Crowell offered was having all 5th graders have five hours of homework a night. The class agreed to that. However, when Sen. Crowell reminded them, they would be 5th graders next year the votes tended to sway back to no. Arguments against the increase in homework tended to go along the lines of &#8220having more time to play” or &#8220no, because the grades don’t have to do it.”

And then Sen. Crowell offered the amendment of having all 3rd graders with the homework. Many of the students said yes to that since they were already out of the third grade. However, some also realized that just didn’t seem fair and voted against it. One young girl said no to the 3rd graders having the homework because that teacher is &#8220really nice.” Sen. Crowell went on to offer a few other amendments like all boys or all girls having the homework. He then began making the point that making a new law required looking at how it would affect all the people now, and whether or not it would be as good in the future. He said, you shouldn’t have to have more homework than anyone else just because your a 3rd grader or 4th grader or a boy or a girl. Crowell said, &#8220We don’t want to pass laws that treat people differently.”

Once he put the ‘law’ up for a vote after the debate, the majority of the children voted (in a resounding loud voice) no. Except for done young boy who stood by his original vote of yes.

Senator Crowell can be reached at 573-751-2459 or e-mail:

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