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&#8220A Dollar For Dawn”

With the help of chemotherapy Dawn Whitworth fought breast cancer in 2001. The same treatment was not enough in her battle with bone cancer this year.

Dawn Marie Whitworth, 34, of Fredericktown, died Tuesday, October 18, 2005. She leaves two children, nine-year-old Savannah and eight-year-old Donna, her husband Dwayne Whitworth, and many other friends and family members. (A complete obituary appears on page 5.)

Her death came one day before the family was intending to take a trip to Disney World in Orlando, Florida. The trip was to be paid for by an organization called Dream Foundation. Like the Make-A-Wish Foundation (which is for children) the Dream Foundation grants the wishes of adults with terminal illnesses.

When I was told this gut-wreching story, my first thought was: Those kids still should make the trip to Florida.

Apparently many others had the same thought. Lisa Brewington, one of the home health nurses who had been treating Dawn, says, &#8220Her nurses, the girls teachers, we think they need to go’ to Disney World.

They came up with the idea for &#8220A Dollar For Dawn.’

&#8220We felt if everyone would donate just one dollar, the cost of a soda, we could still send the family to Disney World,’ Brewington said.

They opened an account at Sun Bank in Fredericktown, called &#8220A Dollar For Dawn.’ The Bank made the first donation. After that, the donations began pouring in for the effort. Local businesses contributed banners, flyers, and plane tickets. Brewington said the response has been overwhelming.

Anyone interested in donating can go to Sun Bank. They also can contact the Home Health Office at 783-7443 or Brewington at 225-0419; Cindy McCarver at 783-1608; or Donna Thompson at 783-1857.

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