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Aldermen decide against sewer line extension

Alderman Rick Polete absent.

The Board of Aldremen decided against a sewer line extension for the property owned by Bill Thomas of A-1 Storage near Cap America. The aldermen had a copy of an ordinance (section 410.185) in the packet of information Monday showing a paragraph stating; where the City sanitary sewer is within 2,500 feet of the boundry of a sub-division, the subdivider shall be responsible for connecting to the sewer and providing a connection for each lot along with cleanout at the property line. All easements for the said sewer line shall be obtained by the owner.

A conflict was created when Bill Thomas stood up to ask why the aldermen were not going to help with the sewer line extension. Thomas produced the October 12, issue of the Democrat News which indicated the Board had voted on the issue and agreed to the extension. However, the aldermen said they did not agree to the extension, only to table the matter until they spoke with Department Manager Tim Allgier. Allgier was not at the October 10 work session. Thomas said he was under the impression that the extension would be approved after talking to Mayor Danny Kemp at a later time as well. Mayor Kemp said that was not right, but didn’t elaborate any further. The Democrat News asked if the aldermen wanted to see the article Thomas was referencing and Aldermen Teresa Clark said no. They had the minutes of the meeting and that is what they would go by. The minutes of October 10 reflect the following:

&#8220Mr. Bill Thomas concerning sewer line extension across Cap America Drive. Bill Thomas, owner of A-1 Storage Units on Cap America Drive, addressed Council requesting a sewer extension to his property. He is planning to build a food pantry service for local churches to utilize. Baer said he looked at the area in question and estimated a cost of $20,000 for the project. Motion was made by Priest with a second by Clark to table further discussion until Allgier can be contacted. Motion carried.” These minutes were approved.

The Democrat News reads;

&#8220A request for a sewer line extension across Cap America for Bill Thomas, owner of A-1 Storage was agreed to by motion and vote. The extension was approved to the property line only. Anything further would be at the cost of the owner.”

In other business:

City Administrator C. Tim Morgan gave an update on a Community Development Block Grant change in an entry column.

A discussion was held regarding a Certified Pool Operators course. No action was taken.

A discussion was held about a USDA Rural Development Community Facility Grant. Morgan said the grant could be used for an expansion of a fire house if the property was attached. An application for siren upgrades was discussed.

Sanitation Manager Kenny McDowell told the Board the poly carts the City has will no longer be available for purchase from the company that makes them. However, parts are still available. A 90 gallon cart will be available at a cost of $51.00 each. McDowell said the wheels are $375. for 50 and $525. for lids. Purchase of needed parts was approved.

A Multi-function receipt printer bid of $550.87 was accepted. The cost is in addition to the installation charge.

Kemp announced Kevin Salzman as the new parks department director.

Budget matters were discussed and closed session followed for one contract matter, one personnel matter and one real estate matter.

Full Council

Neal Cowling appeared before the Full Council to discuss the City’s ordinance on animals running loose. He pointed out a few areas, in his opinion, need to be addressed regarding wording in the ordinance. He felt the wording should include cats in some of the ordinance, not just dogs. And reword to include any dog running loose, not just dangerous ones. Cowling described some of the damage his property has had from a loose cat. He said he had gotten a cage from the animal control officer and found the cat trapped in the cage. He said he wants the City to enforce the ordinance against cats running loose and/or not being licensed, not just return them to the owner when caught. He felt the animal control officer was doing a good job, but the officer had to go by what the ordinances said, which was not satisfactory to Cowling. Mayor Danny Kemp said they would look into the matter regarding changes.

Kemp noted he wants everyone to have a safe and happy Halloween and reminded the children to wear light colored clothing and carry flashlights with them to help be seen. Halloween is scheduled for Monday, October 31, from 5 to 8 p.m. He also asked Police Chief G. Keith DeSpain about Animal Control Officer Tony Young coming in later in the evenings. DeSpain said he is coming in later when he can, as he (Young) attends classes at night.

Kemp said a Highway 67 Coalition meeting is scheduled for Friday, January 13, 2006 at Madison Medical Center.

Kemp said he was asked by a resident why they don’t see more police patrols like they used to when walking around town. DeSpain said, &#8220We can’t be everywhere.”

Morgan reported his attendance, along with Kemp and Alderman Barry Hampton at the last Highway 67 Coalition meeting. Morgan said ground breaking for the project would start in Poplar Bluff. Work on the Fredericktown side would began in 2007. Expected completion date is estimated at 2012.

Morgan said the Transfer Station received a very satisfactory report.

A combined city/county community profile has been done and photos are needed. Morgan said he could provide an aerial photo of Fredericktown. The profile is being uploaded to the Internet and should be up and running in a couple of weeks.

An ordinance adopting the preliminary sub division plat for Madison Village was read twice.

Council approved a resolution establishing four checking accounts at New Era Bank.

Accounts payable was passed and Council adjourned.

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