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Thrift Store taking furniture to help raise needed funds

Is there an old couch sitting in the basement? Does the bedroom furniture no longer match the new decor? If so, Paul Odenthal and the Ministerial Alliance would be happy to help.

The Ministerial Alliance Thrift Store is branching out … or up. One floor above the Thrift Store location in The Factory, the Alliance is opening a furniture store and they’re actively looking for donations.

Odenthal is looking for people to donate furniture to help stock this latest off-shoot of the ministry. They have received some items so far, but Odenthal knows there is a love-seat in the attic or an ottoman and chair that don’t look so good in the corner anymore out there somewhere.

&#8220We would love to have any type of furniture donation. We hope to open the store in mid-November,” he said.

And condition is not a problem. Odenthal said he has a gentleman who took a bed that had sat in his garage for a number of years.

&#8220He made it look as good as new,” he said.

With the colder weather, the Thrift Store has also opened a &#8220Coat Check” booth with coats of all types. The &#8220Coat Check” opened this week and offers athletic, suede, leather and many other styles.

Most importantly, Odenthal reminds everyone that when an item is purchased from any of these stores it stays in the Farmington area to help with the Food Pantry.

For more information on donating furniture contact Odenthal at 756-1794.

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