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Love surrounds Winkler on her 100th birthday

On Nov. 2, 1905, a baby was born in the town of Yount, Mo. Her life’s journey would take her to St. Louis, on to Long Island, N.Y., back to St. Louis and then to Farmington. On Tuesday, Dora Winkler will celebrate her 100th birthday with family and friends.

Winkler was the youngest of seven girls in her family and had one younger brother. Her brother’s son, Lewis Lix, Jr. and his wife, Metta brought Winkler closer to her hometown. Winkler lives in the home of her caregiver, Jolene Henson. All agreed Henson is part of the family as well.

Metta said that Lewis is like a son to his aunt.

&#8220Aunt Dora has always been very close to him,” she said.

Winkler’s nephew recalled the stories told to him of his father and aunt playing on the family farm as children. Lix’s own son now lives on that farm and he and Metta, who will celebrate their 55th year of marriage, live on adjoining property.

In the 1920s, Winkler moved to St. Louis where she worked for a while. She then moved to New York with her husband, Edmond. Both worked at the Presbyterian Center on Long Island. Her husband was the groundskeeper for the facility and she worked in management. During this time, they made their home in Bridgehampton, N.Y.

Lix said his aunt continued to volunteer in the community and at the local hospital following her retirement. She also loved to take part in a favorite exercise with a special friend.

&#8220She would ride her bicycle with the basket on the front. Her dog would ride with her in the basket. She loved to put ribbons in her dog’s hair,” said Metta.

Winkler and her husband never had children, but she always said her nieces and nephews were &#8220just like her own.” Lix and his wife traveled to New York to help Winkler move back to St. Louis in 1992, where she lived on her own until six years later. She then moved to Farmington. The Lixs expressed their thanks for the care Henson and her assistants, Loretta and Donna, have given.

&#8220Jolene takes such very good care of her,” said Metta.

Henson was quick to add that Winkler and her extended family has become &#8220just like family to me.”

&#8220My husband makes Dora a big breakfast every morning and tells her how special she is to him,” said Henson.

For her special day, Winkler told everyone she wants a meal of shrimp, ice cream and cake. There will be lots of love to go around as well.

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