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Two months and still no word on missing woman

It’s been more than two months since 27-year-old Amanda Jones disappeared.

Captain Ralph Brown of the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department describes it as a heartbreaking case. He said the detectives can’t help but think of Jones’ young daughter waiting for her mother to come home.

&#8220I wish we had good news to report but unfortunately, we don’t,” Brown said.

He said they are hammering out leads but there is nothing really new that has come up.

Jones, who lived in Pevely, disappeared on Aug. 14.

She was nine months pregnant when she was last seen at the horse-show grounds of the Hillsboro Civic Center on Highway 21. Her unlocked car was found there.

Family members said she went there to meet with the man they believe to be the baby’s father, Bryan Lee Westfall.

Brown said they are still waiting on some results from the Missouri State Highway Patrol lab but that is still a couple of weeks away.

&#8220Today her parents picked up her car…” Brown said. &#8220Her car was released to her parents.”

Since she has been gone, her family and friends have endured her 27th birthday Oct. 6 and her daughter’s fifth birthday Nov. 1 without her.

Jones’ parents, Hubert, who grew up in Flat River – one of &#8220the St. Francois County triplets,” and Bertha Propst are taking care of her daughter in Festus.

&#8220We all have our suspects but we can’t come out and just pinpoint someone because that would be slander,” Bertha said Thursday. &#8220We miss her and we love her and we are waiting for her come home. The people who were involved robbed us of our daughter and our grandson and robbed our daughter of her daughter.”

Bertha said not knowing what happened is worse than death.

Bertha said family members, friends and church members continue to post fliers in the area, from the De Soto area to Fenton.

&#8220We were just out today,” she said, adding they have probably posted 5,000 fliers.

A $100,000 reward has been offered for information that solves the case. If you have information, contact your local police agency or the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department at (636) 797-5515.

At one time, Brown estimates there were about 30 officers working on the case. That number has dwindled to a handful but he said the case has not been &#8220shelved.”

Police describe Jones as 5-foot-8 and about 225 pounds. She has blue eyes, brown hair with blond highlights and a dolphin tattoo on her left upper torso. She was last seen wearing a pink sleeveless shirt, a pink and white-flowered skirt, and pink sandals.

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