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The speaker at the Oct. Creation Study was Ernie Poani, from Taylorville, IL. Ernie is a Christian Astronomer who is a mechanical designer by day. For 30 years Ernie has worked in product engineering, designing such things as agricultural equipment, heavy construction equipment, and machines such as those used in excavating and transporting coal. Ernie and his wife Ruth have been holding seminars about astronomical wonders since 1992. Their ministry, entitled Fourth Day Presentations, also includes the offer of a free newsletter called Fourth Day Gazette, which you can request to receive by writing: 4 Holly Court, Taylorville, IL, 62568.

The pictures and information presented were so interesting, that it is hard for me to narrow down and choose just a few things to tell about. There were 2 large telescopes set up. After it was very dark, we all went outside to see Mars, which was in a position of maximum visibility, even without a telescope. I looked real close but saw no Martians, so I guess we can dispel that rumor about little green people living on Mars.

Due to pictures and other data sent back from the Rovers, which have been cruising around on Mars for 2 years, it is surmised that the surface of Mars was once covered with water, although there is no sight of water there now. Whether it was or not, it seems odd to me that there are those who readily accept this theory, but yet will not believe that our own earth was once covered in water, even though 70% of it is covered in water right now (Remember Noah and the ark?).

The main reason the evolutionist sector wants so bad for evidence of water on Mars to show up, is because water is equated with life. Therefore, if there was water present, it is thought to be possible that there was life. I understand that it is both possible and planned, to launch a Rover, and set it on a hunk of comet debris, which is ice, to see if evidence of life can be found in the ice. They want, so bad, to prove that life began without God.

The ongoing study of all the things with which we share our universe, constantly reveals new findings. It also confirms knowledge that had passed to us from ancient times, much of it from the Bible. However, in all that has been discovered, there has not been one speck of light shed on how it all came to be. The explanation can only be found in the Word of God, which proves true, time after time. And, it certainly cannot be said that God left us without light. For about 2005 years ago, an extraterrestrial being did come to visit earth, and this is what he said of himself: &#8220I am the light of the world; he that followeth me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the Light of Life” (Jesus).

Please keep the stars in your eyes until next week, when I hope to share some more information about our solar system, and far beyond.

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