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Shaw invited to Red Bull’s ‘Last Man Standing’ race

&#8220Red Bull” is known for their energy drinks and sponsorship of extreme sports. Aaron Shaw of Desloge is the &#8220Mud Man” in Missouri off-road motorcycle racing, known as the Missouri Hare Scrambles Championship Series, or MHSC, due to his ability to win races under the most adverse conditions. When the going gets tough, muddy and seemingly impossible, Shaw usually wins.

Maybe that’s why when Red Bull decided to hold a &#8220By Invitation Only” extreme off road event in Texas on November 12th, they saw fit to send Shaw an engraved invitation to attend and compete. Only 200 riders from across the country received the invitation Shaw got, and they are all the best-of-the-best in off-road disciplines.

Just a few of the riders Shaw will be competing against include Geoff Aaron, seven times National Trials Champion, Jeff Fredette, eight times ISDE Gold Medalist, Steve Leivan, 12 times Missouri Hare Scrambles Champion, Michael Lafferty, seven times National Enduro Champion, and many more of the best and fastest off road racers from across the country.

First place overall pays over $15,000.00, but that’s just the icing on the cake, the winner will be famous in the dirt bike community, and lucrative sponsorships will follow.

The race is to be held in Bulcher, Texas, and will consist of four, 40 mile loops.

The first 40 mile loop will begin with the 200 riders, but only the top 100 will move-on to lap two. Then at the end of lap two, only the top 50 will progress to lap 3, where there’s a catch. Laps 3 and 4 will be run in the dark and backwards on the 40 mile wooded track.

At the end of lap 3, only 25 riders will be allowed to attempt lap 4 and race another 40 miles, in the dark, to try to become Red Bull’s &#8220Last Man Standing”.

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